The Assignment: Create a Wiki Webpage related to Careers in the Oil & Gas Industry in Newfoundland and Labrador

Our challenge is to work in teams and research specifc topics related to the Oil and Gas Industry, analyze the information through the lens of career development, and finally construct a wiki webpage related to Careers in Oil & Gas in Newfoundland and Labrador. All webpages together form the St.Kevin's High Wiki on Careers in Oil & Gas -- 50 topics, 50 webpages, one huge website created by YOU.

Your first step is to discover a topic of interest. Sample topics are listed below.

Working with your partner, select ONE topic and create a wiki webpage.

The required content for your webpage, sample webpages, and web resources are given at bottom of this page.

  1. Current Project: Hibernia Deep Water Offshore NL
  2. Current Project: Terra Nova
  3. Current Project: White Rose
  4. Current Project Hebron
  5. Current Project: Portland Creek (land-based) Drilling
  6. Training: Industrial Mechanic
  7. Training: Welder Certificate
  8. Training: Marine Cook
  9. Training: Remote Operated Vehicles
  10. Training: Basic Offshore Survival
  11. Occupation: Accountant
  12. Occupation: Administrative Clerk
  13. Occupation: Housekeeping Personel
  14. Occupation: Industrial Mechanic
  15. Occupation: Welder
  16. Occupation: Roughneck
  17. Occupation: Driller
  18. Occupation: Ship Captain
  19. Occupation: Crane Operator
  20. Occupation: Medic
  21. Employer: D.F. Barnes
  22. Employer: Husky Energy
  23. Employer: Exxon Mobil
  24. Employer: Schlumberger
  25. Employer: Canship Ugland
  26. Oil Tanker named Kometik
  27. Supply Ship named Osprey
  28. Drill Rig named Henry Goodridge
  29. Worker Safety Rules and Regulations
  30. Environmental Protection and Regulations
  31. Or, YOU select a topic and request approval

Each webpage is expected to contain the following information:

  • Title, subtitles, and horizontal rules (white lines)
  • A 300 - 500 word written description (in your own words). Career cruising should be your main source of information.
  • Images of the topic (at least 3)
  • Links to the web (at least 3)
  • Embedded video related to the item (3 min or less)
  • Additional content and design items (tables, HTML codes, extra images, Google Gadgets/ Maps, Glogster Poster, etc.)
  • References (at least 3). Each reference must include: page title, web link, and date viewed.

Examples of wikis to use as a guide Created by Communications Technology 2104 students from St. Kevin's High during 2010. Great work!!! Created by a teacher from Zagreb, Croatia. Awarded "Best Educational Wiki in 2010". In addition to the global perspective, the use of Glogster posters is very impressive. Created by elementary level students on the topic of Pirates. The "look & feel" of this page is excellent. Created by a high school Math teacher and students on the topic of Geometry.

Resources on the Web

Careers in Newfoundland's Oil & Gas Industry an excellent source of info specific to our province. Contains info on specific occupations, training programs, and safety issues.

Careers in Canada's Oil & Gas Industry another excellent source of info with a Canadian point of view.

Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers web on Offshore Oil Drilling. Info related to drill rigs, worker health and safety, spill response, and environmental protection.