BP Disaster -- Lessons Learned

by Matt and Ashley and Tara

The cause

The cause of the B.P disaster in the Gulf of Mexico was what is called a "wellhead blow out" it is when a uncontrolled release crude oil or natural gasses. On the day of april 20th 2010,13 men were killed and 17 injured in result of a wellhead blow out.

The result

The result of the blow out caused deathes and injurys but it caused crude oil to flow in the the ocean for almost three months.it was the largest accidental marine in the history of the petroleum industry. It was stopped on july 15.It was estimated that 53,000 barrels of crude oil a day.They say the oil diminished over time it was 62,000 barrels per day.It caused major damage to marine wildlife.It also effected the fishing and tourism industrys of the gulf coast. Eight months later tar balls were found washing up on shore.To this day oil is still found in the deep sea,and marshes.They say every thing on the sea floor is dead. B.P did not take the right precautions in order to stop the leak.


Some precautions of the B.P disaster in the Gulf of Mexio is the company sprayed over 1.5 million litres of dispersant onto the slick trying to help break down the oil components, but environmentalists and fishermen think its only doing more harm to sea life this could mean that fishermens careers could come to an end from lack of fish. Another precaution was hurricanes, heading into hurricane season the oil could blow to the shore line, which would cause more damage also a reslut of burning debris.

Lessons learned

Lessons that are learned from the deep water oil spill is;
  1. Dont drill in such deep water
  2. Dont let the pressure build up
  3. Cap the well before it becomes a world problem


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