Canship Ugland 

By Adam P & Liam M

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"Canship Ugland Ltd. manages crude oil shuttle tankers with a deadweight tonne of 120,000-150,000, serving the Hibernia, Terra Nova and White Rose oil fields offshore Newfoundland. These shuttle tankers are the largest vessels registered in Canada and are crewed entirely by Canadians. They are designed to load crude oil through a specialized bow-loading system and transport it to markets world-wide."[1]

Canship Ugland Limited is a St.Johns based ship management company that began operating in 1997. It was in this year that the first oil that had been produced on the Grand Bank was transported ashore. For loading their cargoes to Hibernia, the company manages six DP ( Dynamically Position) shuttle tankers.

Canship Ugland is the name of the company but it also manages nine ships:

1) M/T Kometik

2) Placentia Hope

3) Placentia Pride

4) Catherine Knutsen

5) M/T Vinland[2]

6) M/T Jasmine Knutsen

7) M/V UMIAK 1

8)M/T Mattea

9)M/T Heather Knutsen


Jasmine Knutsen

M/T Kometik[3]



Canship Ugland Ltd now has 380 Canadian employee's working ashore and on vessels. Canship Ugland is a joint venture of J.J Ugland Companies. Both companies have long histories in the Oil and Gas Industry. Both companies started in the 1980's. Both companies work with many different kind of vessels such as Car Carriers, Bulk Carriers, Barges, Heavy Lift Vessels and Tankers.

Careers on the Canship Ugland.

If you have marine certification and experience, the Canship Ugland would love to have you working for them! Some of their position include:

- Ship's Clerk.

- Cheif Mate.

-Cheif Cook.

- 1st Engineer.

- Electrical Officer.

The Canship Ugland also has many office position available:

- Safety Manager.

- Receptionist.

- Payroll Officer.

- Fleet Managers.

- Crewing Coordinator.

"Canship Ugland Limited is a Newfoundland ship management company certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISM. Our company is presently managing six shuttle tankers, two firefighting/escort tugs, and one ore-bulk-oil carrier."

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