Cougar Helicopter Crash

by Ryan

Cougar Helicopters

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====A Sikorsky S92 helicopter flown by Cougar Helicopters crashed Thursday morning while en route to the White Rose and Hibernia oilfields.(Cougar Helicopters) Read more:

Cougar Helicopters are based in St.Johns Newfoundland and Nova Scoita.They started in 1987. The Helicopters are used to Transport Workers to and from Hiberina. Cougar Helicopters operates a fleet of heavy and medium class helicopters Sikorsky S-92, Sikorsky S-76, and Sikorsky S-61N

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This is the offical website of Cougar Helicopters

The Crash

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Hours after a helicopter carrying offshore oil workers crashed into the Atlantic Ocean southeast of St. John's, officials have still not received any locator signals from the beacons attached to survival suits the people aboard were wearing.
A Cougar helicopter offshore shuttle with 18 people onboard has gone down in the Atlantic Ocean.
Cougar Helicopter Crash - March 12, 2009
The victims who have been are:

Thomas Anyll, 46, of Langley, B.C.
Peter Breen, 55, of St. John’s
Gary Corbett, 46, of Conception Bay South, N.L.
Captain Matthew Davis, 34 of Torbay, NL
Wade Drake, 42, of Fortune, N.L
Wade Duggan, 32, of Witless Bay, N.L
Corey Eddy, 32, of Paradise, N.L.
Keith Escott, 39, of St. John’s
Colin Henley, 38, of St. John’s
First Officer Tim Lanouette, 48, of Comox, B.C.
Ken MacRae, 47, of Greenwood, N.S.
Allison Maher, 26, of Mount Pearl, N.L.
Gregory Morris, 40, of Outer Cove, N.L.
Derrick Mullowney, 51, of Bay Bulls, N.L.
Corey Eddy, 32, of Paradise, N.L.
Burch Nash, 44, of Fortune, N.L.
Paul Pike, 49, of Spaniard’s Bay, N.L.

The Full Final report on the Cougar Crash, Released Febuary 11th 2011
This is a Video of an Update of The crash

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external image 3369879321_6b60817c71.jpg

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