Crane Operator

by Jason and Steve

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The Rig Crane-Operator is an important position on any offshore operation. The off shore crane operator is a very dangerous job but it also is very neede and well depended on. The cranes are used all the time to do such tasks as both materials and sometimes men around and off the rig. A crane operators job gets even more dangerous and tricky when the crane is on either a supply vessel or on a floating rig instead of a rig that is anchored to the sea floor. Waves and high winds cause the boat or the rig to sway back and forth which then makes the lift very unsafe, the load will be hanging in the air and will start to swing back and forth. Then the load could fall off, the crane could tip over, or the load could smash into another objecty or crane on the rig. The rig crane operator has to be in constant contact with the crew and the especially the deck supervisor. The Crane operator also has to report to the roustabouts and other seamen. The operators also have to perform safe crane lifting operations in sequence with the drilling operations and under directions from the deck supervisor. Provide the roustabout crew with relevant instructions for current and planned operations. Ensure that all instructions are complied with by all personnel involved in the task. Ensure cleanliness and housekeeping of the deck areas is maintained to the required standard. The operators have to also always perform daily tasks and inspections on their crane, such as greasing the machine. The operators must also make sure all safety procedures and practices are payed attention to during crane operations.

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