Job Description of a Deckhand

We chose to do deckands for our project because they are a very important part of keeping life on oil rigs running smoothly. A deckhand is a sailor with many different qualifications that performs various tasks on a ship.Deckhands help others on the vessel in preparing barges for the loading and discharging of cargos. Deckhands build tows by handling lines and cables to tie and untie barges and boats. Deckhands take care of vesel maintnince, care for tools and equipment, and perform general housekeeping duties if asked by there supervisor They practice by the company safety policy and procedures, environmental rules and governmental regulation. Deckhands work under the supervision of the Captain or the Deckhand’s immediate supervisor.

a deckhand performing his everyday tasks!
a deckhand performing his everyday tasks!

a deckhand performing his everyday tasks!

some of the characteristics of a deckhand are:

  • Willing to learn from others
  • Able to read, understand and communicate in English
  • Able to use basic math
  • Willing to follow directions
  • Able to make appropriate decisions
  • Dependable
  • Willing to adhere to rules and regulations
  • A team player
  • Stable under pressure
  • Drug and alcohol-free
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Things a deckhand will learn/need to know:

1. knowledge of small boat handling and safety of guests and crew

2.know a ship's inventory and all items related to deck hand's work; and of mate's and captains work

3. To be ready at all times, to conduct fire, man over board, or other drills as the captain necessary

4. To assist the mate in searching for, and correcting problems before they become crisis; and to fix the problem no matter how small
5. To work each day to accomplish work, not; just do it

6. To continue to study all the needs on the ship, and study from books, correspondence, and hands on; and learn more about the deckhands job

7. To work to become boatswain / bosun, and/or mate

8. To be know the ships' bilge system, fire system, and fire fighting apparatus

9. To know how to stand engine room watch and understand the basic workings of an engineers' job

10. To have a general understanding of, and willingness to help, the chief steward's job; should the need arise

11. To study navigation, coastal and ocean, and obtain a working knowledge of international and inland rules of navigatio1
12. To learn and understand wheelhouse/navigation instruments and their proper

deckhand instructing future deckhands
deckhand instructing future deckhands

deckhand instructing future deckhands
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Job Hours

6 hour shifts, 14 days on and 7 off. During this time they are invloved in a variety of tasks.Education,training and experience needed:
highschool plus on the job training.

Life as a Deckhand

A life full of travel, and lots of work to be done. Also you may not have the oppertunity to always sleep at home. A deckhand may be training to be an officer or a captian, but first he or she must become a sailor. Deckhands often have to face harsh elements, theres alot of responsibility that comes with being a deckhand, preparing for the tasks that may be vital to your job are a big part of being a successfull deckhand.

Becoming a Deckhand

To be a deckhand, you have to be in good shape, the job requires alot of pyhsical strength as well as stamina. You get minium downtime working on a boat and the majority of your downtime will be spent eating and sleeping. Educate yourself on how long each fishing season lasts, so you know how long you will be away from home. You will have to research the type of boat you can work on. This will be important because different boats require different jobs, and different jobs require different skills.Sometimes sailing is not possible, and if you can't sail you can't work, which means you won't get paid.Don't rely on this job for money.You should try to maintain some kind of emergency fund just in case mother nature decides you can't sail.
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Deckhand salary:

the salary for a deckhand is between $2000-$3000 depending on the ship you work on.
picture of At Work On Crab Boat Image
picture of At Work On Crab Boat Image