Directional Driller

by Roy

General Description

Directional drillers are contractors who work with drilling crews to drill oil wells at an angle. They supervise the drilling crew on a daily bases, control and monitor the drilling operations, and develop drilling programs such as selection sites. These drillers also share their knowledge and experience with the drillers below them, working with the drillers to perfect the task at hand. These drillers are known as the most highly paid drillers in the oil fields across the world.

Training and Requirements

Directional drillers require a certain amount of training and experience to obtain this job. These drillers require a high school diploma, a bachelor or master’s degree in engineering, experience in the oil field, and the ability to be hands on in the oil field. These drillers need hands on experience with the drilling equipement incase problems are experienced while drilling the petroleum oil wells. Before becoming a directional driller, you are required to work on an oil rig for three months along side of the current directional driller.

Opportunities and Salaries

There are many opportunities that come with being a directional driller. These opportunities include making a good salary, travelling around the world to the various oil fields, and the opportunity to work onshore or offshore. Directional drillers can make a salary anywhere between $90,000 and $150,000 dollars a year, depending on their experience, the company they are employed with, and the time they spend each year on the drilling rig or platform. The majority of directional drillers work in the oil field between 200 to 250 days a year. The drillers work in the span of weeks of months at a time, such as one month on the rig and one month off the rig. The conditions the drillers work with include working in twelve hour shifts, twelve hours working and twelve hours of personal time. Directional drillers work in any weather conditions, unless it is found unfit and unsafe to work.

Equipement used in Directional Drilling

In order to drill oil wells at specific angles, directional drillers require the use of specialized equipment to reach the petroleum wells which cannot be drilled directly above the well. The type of equipment required to complete this type of drilling include an underground surveying device which surveys the bore hole. Directional drilling also includes the use of underground cameras which are used to determine certain drilling intervals. This type of drilling requires a great deal of surveying devices to ensure that the oil well is being drilled at the correct angle and so the oil bore does not collapse while drilling. Directional drilling platforms also include the use of different drilling equipement because they need equipement that is able to bend and move at certain angles.


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Letter B is where the directional drillers are located on an offshore oil rig.

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