Henry Goodrich -- Drill Rig

by Nick, Chaz, and Thomas

Henry Goodridge in Marystown Harbour.(cow head)

The Henry Goodrich was build in 1985, the type of rig is semisub, it also has a water depth rating of 2,000ft and also has a drilling depth of 30,000.the world’s largest offshore drilling contractor, provides the most versatile fleet of mobile offshore drilling units to help clients find and develop oil and natural gas reserves.The Henry Goodrich is named for the former CEO of SONAT's parent company (Southern Natural Resources), Henry Calvin Goodrich. At the time of construction, the Henry Goodrich was the worlds largest semisubmersible drill rig. It was delivered in July 1985, with the option for a DP system to be later added. The large rig was noted for it's harsh weather capability: suitable for Alaskan, Norwegian or Canadian waters. Safety was a prime consideration, being finished only a few years after the Ocean Ranger loss in harsh weather conditions. The Henry Goodrich is a four-column, twin-pontoon semi-submersible. The columns have horizontal trusses. The upper works are watertight, providing reserve bouyancy as a safety feature. The columns have been designed with ice considerations in mind. Column bracings are in redundant pairs, maintaining strength in event of damage to one. Use of high-strength, low-temperature steels, continuous structures, and faired connections have been extensively employed to reduce stress concentrations and fatigue.It has particular importance to the Newfoundland offshore industry, where it drills alongside the Grand Banks The Henry Goodrich is currently under contract with Husky to drill wells in both the Terra Nova Field and White Rose project.

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Henry Goodrich in Marystown Harbour.
Henry Goodrich- name on left front leg,Belle Island in the background.Photo shot from St.Thomas Line in Conception Bay Newfounfland.

A Newfoundlander's story of being on the Henry Goodrich

David Stock from Alberta,Canada, he about thirty years old and is a oil patcher worker and a real estate investor.Petro Canada wanted an inflatable plug and hands to run it on the Henry Goodrich as soon as possible. It took Brian and I a few days to build the job. We loaded the tools on to an 18 passenger charter plane and took off from Red Deer. We stopped in Calgary to pick up a flight plan.The two pilots, ironically were from Newfoundland. We had chinese food for supper that night in Sept Isles. Imagine trying to order Chinese food in French. I'm just glad we didn't go for Greek. The next morning Brian and I and our Newfie pilots took off from Sept Isles. The boys were happy to be headed for their home province and they got a little playful with the plane. St. John's was still fogged in and we had to circle while two commercial jets tried to land. Neither jet was successful after two attempts each. I was watching the altimeter and calling the numbers out to Brian as he looked out the window searching for the ground in the dense fog,We talked to our Newfie pilots about it, and they also had never landed with such a low ceiling. They also said that the altimeter was showing height above sea level, and St. John's is about 250ft above sea level. That explained the altimeter reading. It was already past noon, and there was no way we were going to make the supply vessel that would leave St. John's harbour at 2:00pm.

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The average salary for a person working on the Henry Goodrich in 2009 was 409,500,00 and with bonuses and extra's thet make 1,601,509,00.Some working conditions are max wave height is 45 ft and average wave height is 25 ft with 50 knot winds and in a storm wave height can reach 105 ft and the average wave height is 56 ft and winds up to 60 knots.

Description: The drilling rig's name is Henry Goodrich, the rig's owner and manager is transocean ltd. it is a competitive rig to other drilling company's.The rig design is called Mitusi Mitusi Arctic, the rated wayer depth is 5,000 ft and a drilling depth of 30,000 ft.The Henry Goodrich is located in North America in Atlantic Canada, the rig was also build in a Japenese shipyard in 1985.It's lenght is 320 ft by 98 m, it's depth is 154 ft by 47m.It has17,120 bbls of drilling water and 4,365 bbls of portable water.Some drilling equipiment is Maritime Hydraulics 178 ft x 40 ft x 40 ft, 1500 kips static hook load with 14 lines strung.