by Dylan and Vanessa

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Tools of the trade


Oil Rig with living quarters


Mopping on Oil Rig


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what is housekeeping?


Housekeeping is a viable job. Housekeeping personal are the people who keep the oil rigs runny smoothly by keeping everything tidy and orginiazed. In order to recieve a housekeeping job a person must have a high school education. There are no formal requirements and it involves on the job training. You must be physically fit to keep up to the demands. You must have communication skills and be able to follow instructions. You must be friendly to all the occupents and enjoy cleaning and making things spotles. The workcan be physically demanding, full time house keepers work eight hours a day, out of five days a week. Many housekeepers work evening and weekends when offices are closed.

The main responsibilities of a housekeeperis too sweep and mop floors, vacuum carpets, and wash windows. They must clean appliances, sinks, toiltes, and showers. They are responsiable for washing linens and making beds. Also many collect the garbage and clear it away. According to career crousing the earnings of a housekeeper is to a minimum of $18.00 per hour for most, some earn more some earn less. Earnings or wadges are depending on the employer, the workers experience, and the location of the job. On average housekeepers make around 40 thousand dollars per year.

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