Marine Cook

by Sheneen and Rebecca

General Description
The job of the marine cook is to provide meals for the crew on board the ship. It could be a very hard job, trying to please many people. Things always have to be clean, and look nice to serve to your guests and workers of the ship.

Training and Education
The requirements to become a marine cook is a degree in culinary school and work experience of atleast two to three years. Any smaller positions still need culinary school, but not as much past experience.

Salaries and Benefits
Working on a marine ship gives a cook a very high salary. It also gives a cookopportunites to cook new meals for people from different parts of the world. It gives them a great chance to be educated in new foods and practicing their cooking. Even though it is a hard job, having to prepare and try to please many people on the boat, but with the money and the amount of experience they are receiving it is a great job. Cooks with less experience and with minimum wafe get paid 16$ and hour, highly skilled cooks get paid 20$ an hour.

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