Medic Training

by Jess and Kaylee

St.Kevins High School

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We chose this topic because we are both interested in the medical field. We both want to get involved in it after highschool.


Entrance Requirements

The following apply for College Of The North Atlantic: Prince Philip Drive & Bay St.George Campus

Eligibility for admission to Primary Care Paramedicine :


Highschool certificate with a 60% overall average in the following or equivalent :

a) English 3201 (60% minimum)

b) Mathematics (4 credits out of the following)

- Advanced 2205;3205 (50% minimun in each course)

- Academic 2204 (50% mimimum) 3204 (60% mimimum)

c) 4 science credits from any 2 of the following:

- Physics 3204

- Biology 3201

- Chemistry 3202

- Earth Systems 3209

College of the North Atlantic

Certificate: -37 week course

-September&March intake-Prince Philip Drive Campus
St.John's, NL A1C 1J3, Canada
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-January intake -Bay St.George Campus
Stephenville, NL A2N 2M8,Canada
external image cna_bsg_campus.jpg


Semester 1

PA1110 Anatomy & Physiology

PA1130 EMS Operations/Communications PA1150 Pathology of Disease/Injury PA1170 Management of Disease/Injury PA1310 Introductory Pharmacology PA1600 Clinical and Field Practicum

Semester 2

PA1330 Cardiology
PA1500 Mental Health Interventions
PA1350 Special Considerations
PA1510 Special Populations PA1390 Advanced Therapeutics PA1410 Interagency Relations PA1610 Clinical and Field Practicum II

Semester 3 (Intersession)

PA1620 Clinical and Field Practicum III

Pay Rate

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcT6GWekVnCflkRVx1_Lr-_TV2DrhTDZDHlDbde_okbJZ-rq3yP1clrgsXg


Hourly pay rate -> c$19.30 - c$32.41

Overtime -> c$26.17 - c$47.20

Bonus -> c$152.60 - c$2,948.

Total yearly pay -> c$40,911 - c$69,339

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