Offshore Medics

By: Kelsey Parsons and Myranda Dyke.

What is an Offshore Medic?
An offshore medic is a person who is involved in the medical feild, espically in emergency or first response medicine, such as an emergency medical technician or paramedic, currently working in the offshore oil industry.

Courses need to become and Offshore Medic
Basic Survival Training (BST)
Basic Survival Training Recurrent (BST-R)
Fast Rescue Craft
Fast Rescue Craft (including Night)
Offshore Helicopter Firefighting and Rescue (OHFFR)
Helicopter Passenger Transportation & Emergency Procedures (HUET)
Offshore Fire Team (OFT)
Offshore Fire Team Recurrent (OFT-R)
Fire Team Leader

How Long does it take to become and Offshore Medic?
Depending on the courses taken it can take about 18 months or more to become a paramedic.

How much does an Offshore Medic make in a year?
Offshore medics make $65,000-85,000 a year , plus bonuses and have an opportunities for advancement after one year.

What does an Offshore Medic do?
An offshore medic is a medical technician on a offshore rig who tends to to all the passangers and workers that are on board.


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