Navel Architect

by Daniel "DTM" fry and Tyler "bigred" chafe

Naval architecture

Another name for naval architecture would be naval engineering.Being in this job feild involves everything from design to production of marine vehicles and everything in between.For the most part, being a naval architect is a very well paying job. The median sallary per year for this job would be $72,040. Experienced Naval architects working for private industry can often earn more than $100,000.
Most workers receive paid vacations and holidays, insurance, and pension plans. Naval personnel receive additional benefits.
Naval Architect Job Description, Career as a Naval Architect, Salary, Employment - Definition and Nature of the Work, Education and Training Requirements

You can apply to be a naval architect at the marine institute.You must meet the Marine Institute's Application and Admission Regulations either immediately upon graduation from high school, following a period of employment subsequent to graduation, or by transfer from another post-secondary institution. This is a 3 year program that includes 6 acedemic terms and also 3 technical sessions. During the first year, there are two academic terms with an introductory course to the program in the second semester, followed by a six-week technical session.During the second year you will also go through 2 acedemic terms which will include on campus study followed by a 5 week technical course. During the third year you will do another 2 acedemic courses.This includes on campus study followed by the completion of a extensive ship design project. Winston pynn writes "Right after graduation I was able to talk nuts and bolts with naval architects that had been practicing for years. The ability to converse intelligently and confidently with experienced professionals many years my senior says a lot about the quality of education I received in this program". The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is an internationally renowned professional institution whose members are involved at all levels in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of marine vessels and structures. Members of RINA are widely represented in industry, universities and colleges, and maritime organisations in over 90 countries.

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