Ocean Ranger Disaster

Tribute song by Eddie Coffey - Ocean Ranger

Ocean Ranger
It was winter time and the offshore drilling industry incountered a storm on Febuary 15th,1982. This storm resulted in one of the worst accidents in Canadian history, along with the unfortunate loss of 84 lives. On board there was 56 Newfoundlanders that perished. The waves at this time were 20 meters high that pounded the sides, also there was 2 other smaller rigs drilling in the same area that were struck with 145km winds and 18m waves these two survived the storm.
On Febuary 15th, 1982 in St.John's snow howls through while 315km east in the middle of the ocean , the Ocean Ranger was being swapped and being smashed with waves. Shortly after midnight the Ocean Ranger had sent out a distress call. After the message was sent men shortly rushed into the lifeboast on bord and it was the last message sent from the Ocean Ranger. The winds of the storm that caused such dissaster where 100mph with 60 foot swells that developed. It was said that the Ocean Ranger was the " indestructable rig" but at the height of the storm the rig begain to tople overand capsized.

The ocean Ranger was a ODECO semi - submersible rig, it was located at Well J-34, Hibernia, North Atlantic.