The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

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What an OIM is:

The Offshore Installation Manager (OIM) is the most senior manager of an offshore operating on the UKCS.

Managerial positions are always the best. The reason for that is that they give you authority and decision making power. But best of all, they give you an abundant salary which can easily top double what you got if you were a normal office worker. Well out in the oil rig, the head is called an offshore installation manager. He is the man pulling all the strings. He is the head coordinator, the one running the show. With the average personnel, at the entry level making about $50,000 a year, the offshore installation manager makes three to four times that much. And that is in addition to the fact that he is an overseer and not a laborer.

For anyone working in an oil rig, the offshore installation managerial position is the Promised Land. It is where they hope to reach ones they have turned all the stones. As much as its easy to apply for the job and get it, most of the oil rig crew members hope that a promotion will get them there. It's a position of power, and the bigger the oil company you are working for, the bigger the responsibility, and ultimately, the fatter the check.

It's not all relaxation out there on the top. In fact it's the contrary- the offshore installation manager makes all the decisions. That means should anything go wrong it's his neck on the line. He decides who joins the oil rig and who goes. He is the chief coordinator, approving or disapproving anything that may not be geared to the process of retrieving the oil. Half the time he basks in the glory of leadership, while on the other half, he is busy on his desk ensuring that perfection is achieved in every process. He communicates with the bigger bosses onshore and presents regular reports to those upper in the food chain. But as far as the oil rig is concerned, he is the management.

An offshore installation management position is very rewarding, both financially and as a career choice. With the annual earnings, it's the kind of job that you might want to take with you to your retirement. Getting there is a challenge though, and it takes years of hard work and getting your hands dirty (oily is the better fitting term). But its all worth it when all is said and done.

Critical Requirements:
A prerequisite for successful candidates will be a fundamental knowledge and understanding of oil production and hydrocarbon processing systems. Responsible for the implementation of the Environmental Health and Safety system and for onboard emergency response organisation, the OIM will lead by example with constructive working relationships involving all personnel and encouraging open communication both vertically and horizontally. To ensure that the personnel onboard meet the numbers, skills and competency that is sufficient to meet installation legislative requirements and operating ability you will be an effective agent for change, with a natural ability for overcoming resistance and conflict resolution. The OIM will be an effective leader, influencer and team manager. Good business acumen with a caring and involved attitude is essential.

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