Radio Operator

by; Warren and Megan

General Description
A radio operator processes and transmits information and instructions to coordinate the activites of
vehicel operators, crews and equipment.radio_operator_1.jpg

Training & Education
This is an important job and may be one of the easiest in the oil rigging industry. Many radio operators need a GMDSS Radio Operator's License to comply with today's modern radio system standards. This person is responsible for helicopter logistics, lifeboat and emergency muster lists, T cards, preparing Personnel on board lists and the onboard communications systems. Ideally for this position the applicant requires good administration and PC skills and get along with everyone well as the radio control room is a main contact between the crew employees. May also end up doing administration jobs that others have passed over due to lack of time.


Work Oportunities
There are many work opportunites for someone in the Radio Operator trade. Working on oil rigs is a very successful job these days so to try and find a job as a radio operator is qutie easy. There are many companies that you could apply for this job to, such as: North Atlantic , Husky Energy, and Syncrude.

Salary & Benefits
A Radio Operator has a salary of around US$42,000, which can go up to 50,000 with more experience.

Working Conditions & Realities
Broadcast and sound engineering technicians and radio operators generally work indoors in pleasant surroundings. However, those who broadcast news and other programs from locations outside the studio may work outdoors in all types of weather or in other dangerous conditions.


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