Remote Operated Vehicles

by Michael and Amy

Underwater ROV
What is a ROV?

Remotely operated vehicle (ROV) is a tethered underwater robot. They are like remote controlled submarines with video cameras and often robotic arms that allow the operator to work underwater for the safety and comfort of a boat above or from within a submarine. Putting a video camera on a ROv and getting it underwater can be done quite easily using a joystick, electronics, bilge pumps, and an underwater video camera. ROV's are common in deepwater industries, such as offshore hydrocarbon extraction. They are sometimes reffered to as a remotely operated underwater vehicle to distinguish it from the on land or air remote control vehicles.

Program Structure
This two-year program is comprised of four thirteen week academic terms, two technical sessions and an eight week work term.
Salary range – entry level $30,000 or above, 2-year 40-50.

Other titles of this work field include:

ROV pilot
ROV technician
systems technician
ROV maintenance technician

Entry level employee earnings - $40,000 ($19.23 hourly)
Mean employee earnings - $45,000 ($21.63 hourly)
Experienced employee earnings (upper 75% of salaries) - $75,000 ($36.06 hourly)

The Remotely Operated Vehicle has been in development since the early 1950 's, with the Rebikoff " Chien Plongeur " 1954 to the latest Quest Schilling ROV.
The ROV is described by the early engineers and users as a remotely controlled camera, which provide a stable platform for a Video, Still Camera and Lighting System. The Visual aids could be used for various inspection tasks. The main advantage being that the ROV was expendable, the loss of an ROV would not put any peoples life and limbs at risk.
The first to start to use the ROV and it's derivatives was the different Navies around the world. As the economies of scales applied eventually the Cost of this technology made it possible to apply this technology in commercial applications such as oil prospecting, oceanography and fisheries.

Today you can find ROV's used all over the world even off the back of peoples personal Sailing or Motor Boat. The prices are some times as low as a few thousand US dollars.