Solids Control Engineer

by Marissa

The reason I chose this topic is because it is more a specific which I find different and it is my dads occupation so I thought it would be interesting.
My dad has worked in several different places since the time i was 2 years old. He has traveled to Alberta, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, B.C, Grand Banks and other places as well.
His job currently is in Thailand. It takes him almost 3 days to travel there. He is currently working as a solids control engineer and has had many different job titles involved with the oil rig.
When I was younger I never really could understand why he was always gone for 35 days days, and only home for 3 weeks, but as I got older I got used to it.

A solids control engineer is a technique used for well drilling to provice prepared drilling fluids for drilling rigs.

There are several types of control equipment:
1) fluids processing system
2) shale shaker
3) mud cleaner
4) desilter
5) centrifuge
6) degasser
7) jet mud mixer
8) mud agitator
9) electric ignition devide
10) mud gun
11) mud tank

drilling mud cleaner
drilling mud cleaner

Mud cleaner.