Terra Nova Oil Field Created by Alicia M and Destiney T

Terra Nova Oil Rig

Location of Terra Nova Oil Field

Terra Nova oil field was first found in1984. This oil field is located on the outside skirts along the east coast of Newfoundland. Approximetley
350 kilometers southeast of St. John's.

Petro-Canada is a major operator and contributor to this oil field along with other small companies.

Production and Cost

About 400 million dollars has been spent on this project. In specific areas such as exploration, delienation and preliminary engineering. Terra Nova was developed on a competive basis no government loans or grants will be given. The Canadian- Newfoundland Offshore Petroleum Board has estimated that 400 million barrels or oil will be extracted from this oil field. The life expansion of this oil field is estimated to last from 15 to 18 years
Location of Terra Nova Oil Field


There are shallow water levels located near the Terra Nova Oil Field
approximately 90 to 100 meters. The presence of floating sea ice
about 0.5m -1.5m thick these are produced by freezing of ocean surface l layer and icebergs.
An iceberg has a mass of several million tonnes, if an iceberg was to collide with the oil rig the consequences
will be severe. Terra Nova has a strategy of monitoring and deflection to prevent icebergs approaching in the vicinity.

FPSO Terra Nova

The FPSO will travel through the Indian Ocean and across the Atlantic Ocean to arrive at the bull arm site in Newfoundland.
There will be a seventh month hook up time and then will start producing oil from the Terra Nova Oil Field. The Terra Nova FPSO is 292m long with a breadth of 45m. It's a tall building with 18 storey's. It has a production capacity up to 150,000 barrels of oil per day, with a storage capacity of 960,000 barrels. The FPSO facilites have a total of 8 main modules. They keep the number of cargo tanks on ships to a minimum to avoid damaged stability, avoiding the sloshing in their tanks.