by Andrew and Adam

Tool pushers are the people in charge of keeping the rig filled with all nessecary tools and supplies, They work with the representitive of the operating/exploration company in regard to the actual drilling of the well, In recent years toolpushers have taken an administrative role as they frequently do paperwork related to the rig crew regarding payroll, Benefits And all related matters. Tool pushers are also responsible for coordinating services with third party companies related to the drilling of the well.

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Land and offshore oil rigs can be highly dangerous, It's the responsibility of the toolpusher to make sure people are kept on task at all times, The supervisor explains daily duties and monitors the quality of workmanship. Theypreform many of the same duties as adminstratitive professionals in other settings, Such as settings the schedules and distributing paychcks, In addition, A supervisor regularly meets with workers to address performance issues and discuss any and all safety concerns.

A tool pusher may also be in control of hiring and training new workers. A tool pusher might determine the need for more people to come into work, Create advertisements, Conduct interviews and place new workers in appropriate positions. He or she often leads classroom instructional courses and practical, On-site training programs to prepare workers for the new jobs they have. source

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This video is about a jack up drilling rig and all of the brand new High quality equipment they will be using on the rig. All jobs now require a higher pay toward each employee, With one of the most advanced oil rig of our time, You can be sure that video should answer some of the questions you have towards a oil rig, Where a toolpushers main job is to make sure each employee has all of the supplies they need.