Underwater Welding

A welder is a person who joins materials, such as metal and thermoplastics, together by melting the work pieces and adding a filler material to form a weld pool that cools and becomes a strong joint. There are many energy souces that can be used in welding, such as: gas, electric, laser, beam, friction and ultrasound. Welding can be done inside a building, outdoor in the air, underwater and even in outer space. Welding on an oil/gas rig will be more than likely underwater and open air work. Welding is dangerous, no matter the circumstance. When welding, always be cautious, and wear protective gear such as a welding mask, air filters, and also full thick clothing, to avoid burns, eye problems, poisonous fumes, electrical shocks, and too much exposure to uv light.
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An underwater welder is a type of welding that takes place underwater and has two jobs in one. To become an underwater welder you need to be a licensed diver, as well as a welder. On a rig, offshore an underwater welder can make up to 500-800 dollars a day and possibly make even more! Trained underwater welders with a diving license weld below and above the water. Because underwater welding is so dangerous, their salaries are higher due to the risk the welder is taking. Some of the dangers are: a chance of getting electric shock, to avoid this underwater welders use equipment that is adaptable underwater, another risk is explosion, the hydrogen and oxygen pockets are eplosive when ignited making the work place extremely dangerous, and the accumulation of nitrogen in the bloodstream of the welder from the high pressure they are withstanding is a danger aswell, decompresiion chambers are provided to all underwater welders, and extra divers for precaution. All the tasks given must be accomplished with equal skill while on the oil rig. When a welder leaves home to work offshore on an oil rig, they are looking at working for 14-30 days on the rig, with roughly the same number of days off. Working as an underwater welder on an oil rig can be very exciting unique place of work, with great compensation. Underwater welding is done mostly on steel and is usually based around repairing pipelines, the ships, and offshore oil platforms.

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