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These are the posted comments from students having completed the assignment (dated Feb 15, 2011)

What did you enjoy about this project? Why?

  1. We got to design our own page.
  2. Making a Glog.
  3. We got to leave class and talk.
  4. Going to the computer lab.
  5. Learning about specific occupations
  6. Learning about wikis
  7. It was fun
  8. It was easy
  9. Working with partners

What have you learned during this project?

  1. Jobs in the oil and gas industry
  2. How to make a wiki.
  3. Saftey in the oil and gas industry.
  4. How to make a Glog.
  5. How to embed videos on a wiki.
  6. Learned about specific topics related to oil industry.
  7. How to use the wiki webpage editor
  8. Presenting projects in a different way

How could this project be improved for next year?

  1. Not doing it in french.
  2. Doing it on a topic that everyone enjoys.
  3. A new topic.
  4. Don't use wiki's.
  5. More time in the lab
  6. Choose topics beyond oil & gas